Sunday, May 29, 2016


I Never again want to see your face when i close my eye lids ,

but once again ,i know darkness my oldest friend, brings violence,

why must i confide, to describe , how lifeless my life is ?

but deny , what i fear inside, i cant run , nor hide behind it,

the colors of the drapes , turn to faded turquoise shades,

as the sun beams through , i'm lost in my mindset ,

the pictures ring true , same as the stories do to a blind man ,

i cant understand , why they cant comprehend ,no stencil no trace ,

i feel disgraced , bruised ,broken over blades, i slice my own minds net ,

it wont catch me , never fail to detach me , interacting as i riot ,

cold fever as i bleed , i bleed Ether , tell her i saw her face n i believed her,

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Last Apostle

Some People Call Me A Judas , And Since Then I've Felt So Secluded , Tryin To Find Own My Place Askin How Can I Be So Stupid , Takin Shit For Granted , Bitin the hands i didnt shake and I've often been back handed , i dont understand it , where'd i go so wrong , My Spirit seemed Invincible Now It Feels Not So Strong , The Road i Walk Is Winding And Oh So Long , I Gotta Get My Life Together Before It Ends Up Gone - Joe Petree

Deeper Than Hate

i feel lost , i feel confused , broken misunderstood and abused ,
 i want the life i'm meant to get , i dont give a shit about glammer and glitz 
and you can keep your porno bitches with fake ass tits ,
 i want somethin real somethin i can feel , someone who i can trust who can help me deal 
with the roughest of nights and the blackest of skies i just wanna remember how i feel when ya look in my eyes , 
my blood that pours flows through your veins , you say i dont understand when your in pain , 
i've struggled more than you'd think , ive been to hell and back , i've had people who were close friends swing daggers at my back , 
it cuts deep but still i get through , the only reason i live on today is because I Have You - Joe Petree

Wicked Hart To Heart

Tired Of Startin Fresh ,
Every New step is Another Tear From Flesh
too much of this shit got me beggin 4 death
but shit i aint stoppin i got some dirty shit to wreck
call me the demon and i'll currupt ya fuckin mind
dont give a shit do it anywhere anytime
all you need to know is in the end that ass in mine
turn ya fuckin body inside out and disconnect ya spine
flippin off at the mouth ya seem a little chatty
how bout i take my batty and swing away george cuz i'll beatcha very badly
Too Sick Of Haters That i'm startin to embrace it
give them my are mind and soul leave me fuckin naked
let them see through the real an fake no half baked shit
i go all out never hold shit back open ya mouth an have a taste bitch
dont spit it out take a taste get a feel of real and then see the fake an spit it in they face

- Joe Petree

Horrible Truth

They Say Beauty is only skin deep

but what if its used as a weapon and you land in shit creek

the mind you thought counted , the heart that used to beat

its all behind you it never amounted , your life is like ur asleep

you wanna express how you feel , oh so fuckin bad

but love seems far from real , just ask my fuckin dad

the reasons you hide yourself and look for riches and fame

the reason men call women bitches and expect the phone to ring

i'm talkin about your inner beauty the one that you neglect

You Should Be Who your are truly never sacrifincin that

Look at those including urself who feel it and really want to connect

be true to yourself if not to others , keep your heart and deidcation

wrok to be discovered , the things worthing having are worth altercation

fight for what you believe even if you cant stand for it

the people around you are plastic and you wanna try to ignore it

they suck you in with there wicked schemes

never realizing being successful with who you are is the biggest dream
- Joe Petree 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Suicide Lullaby

i take this knife to my skin and drive it to the bone 

but it doesnt even scratch the surfice of feelin all alone

i feel like ive lost myself through time and space 

this home that i live is the emptiest place 

i cant take this pain and rejection from it all any longer

all i see is light and i just feel completely somber

am i the one thats wrong or am i the one to strife through this shit

tired of dealing with the constant mutha fuckin staleness

feeling all alone wanting to just end this pain shit - Joe Petree

Panic Attack

I feel like I'm havin a panic attack in my chest

Confused like why I'm left out of your life and you could give a fuck less

I can't lie I have to be completely honest

I can't stand all the times I cried out for you but you just left 

Depending on one person that I need around and nothin could ever touch that - Joe Petree